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After pursuing various solo projects, the four members of Rancid reconvened for Indestructible, an album that synthesizes 1998’s Life Won’t Wait and 2000’s Rancid. Life Won’t Wait had given group leader Tim Armstrong the opportunity to explore his interest in Jamaican music and R&B, while Rancid had been a return to the pure street punk that is the passion of guitarist and singer Lars Frederiksen. Indestructible gives each player the chance to spotlight his style. Frederiksen’s “Out of Control” is a vicious piece of antiauthoritarian punk rock, while the piano-infused “Arrested in Shanghai” is one of Armstrong’s most moving story songs. However, the album fares best when the pair fuses their ideas. “Tropical London,” “Travis Bickle,” and “Red Hot Moon” combine the flavor of ska and the angry determination of hardcore and each song is superlative. Against a rising tide of personal stresses and distractions, Indestructible managed to unite Rancid’s divergent opinions. The band even threw in a few sterling pop anthems. “Fall Back Down” and “Start Now” have all the ragged charm of the band’s 1995 crossover hit “Ruby Soho.”

Indestructible Album 
01 Indestructible
02 Fall Back Down
03 Red Hot Moon
04 David Courtney
05 Start Now
06 Out of Control
07 Django
08 Arrested in Shanghai
09 Travis Bickle
10 Memphis
11 Spirit of _87
12 Ghost Band
13 Tropical London
14 Roadblock
15 Born Frustrated
16 Back Up Against the Wall
17 Ivory Coast
18 Stand Your Ground
19 Otherside

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