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There were many who said that it couldn't be done, that a respectable and novel follow up to the career reviving and defining American Idiot was impossible and anything that came out would not and could not match it. I've got to say though that 21st Century Breakdown is this unimaginable album. 21st Century Breakdown does not follow directly in American's footsteps but makes a new trail, reviving some of the old style of past Green Day while adding some new, unexpected ones that truly makes this album the trio's best album to date. Another great Rock Opera from a great band.

01 Song Of The Century
02 21st Century Breakdown
03 Know Your Enemy
04 ¡Viva La Gloria!
05 Before The Lobotomy
06 Christians Inferno
07 Last Night On Earth
08 East Jesus Nowhere
09 Peacemaker
10 Last Of The American Girls
11 Murder City
12 Little Girl
13 Restless Heart Syndrome
14 Horseshoes And Handgrenades
15 The Static Age
16 21 Guns
17 American Eulogy
18 See The Light

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